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Welcome to bonohulab website. Toward data-driven genome breeding (digital breeding), we are developing data analysis infrastructure technology essential for genome editing, focusing on gene function analysis using bioinformatics called BioDX.

Bonohulab is also known as

  • Laboratory of Bio-DX, Genome Editing Innovation Center
  • Laboratory of Genome Informatics, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life

in Hiroshima University. Very limited number of students and postdocs can be accepted currently because there are not enough staffs to teach and space to accomodate. For coming FY2024, we will not be able to accept additional members due to enough applicants already in the program.



  • Professor: Hidemasa Bono, Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor (Special Appointment)
  • Assistant Professor, Collaborative Research Laboratory
  • Postdoctral researcher
  • Researcher (Collaborative Research Division)
    • Saya Ide
    • Nagaki Ohnuki
    • Hiromasa Ono, Ph.D
    • Miyuki Kanda, Ph.D
    • Misako Takemoto, Ph.D
  • Graduate Student
    • D3: Satomi Asano
    • D2: Takayuki Suzuki
    • D2: Ryo Mameda
    • D1: Nagisa Morihara
    • D1: Mitsuo Shintani
    • D1: Sora Yonezawa
    • M2: Motoki Uno
    • M2: Makoto Yumiya
  • Undergraduate Student
    • B4: Kotaro Uchida
    • B4: Jin Mitsunari
  • Alumni
    • Yoko Ono, Ph.D

Research activities

  • Core Technology Development for Bio-Digital Transformation (Bio-DX)
    • Development of omics data measurement and analysis technology
    • Development of the public data integration workflow for genome editing data analyses
    • Development of a pathway design system for the production of useful substances
  • Functional Genomics by Bioinformatic Approaches
    • Meta-analysis of stressed transcriptomes in the public databases
    • Comparative genomic analyses for data-driven genome breeding (digital breeding)
  • Database Construction and Utilization in Life Science

Please take a look at the poster presentation for bonohulab as of March 2023.

Bono, Hidemasa (2023): Genome Informatics Laboratory at Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University (March 2023). figshare. Poster. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.22298560

Please refer Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars for my activities provided in Hiroshima Univesity website.

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